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About a hundred experts and professionals attends the presentation ceremony of an overall indicator to quantify the adaptation to climate change of Catalonia


The Catalan Office for Climate Change, part of the Environmental Policy DG, presented last Friday at the Colet Museum of Barcelona, ​​the first document able to assess and quantify the degree of adaptation to climate change of Catalonia.

The document responds to one of the generic measures included in the Catalan Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change 2013-2020 Horizon (ESCACC): the establishment of a system of monitoring and indicators of expected adaptation measures in order to assess whether the adaptation to the impacts of climate change is progressing well.

The drafting of the global indicator of adaptation began two years ago with the selection of 83 potential evaluating indicators of the goodness of the adaptation measures. The working methodology has been established in collaboration with the Catalan Institute for Public Policy Evaluation (Ivàlua), and under the Life 12ENV/ES/000536 Adapting the Mediterranean to Climate Change (Life+ MEDACC), an European project that the OCCC is coordinating. One of the expected actions of the project is the establishment of indicators for evaluating adaptation measures.

The presentation generated an intense debate about nearly an hour, during which the audience could ask more than thirty questions that reflected the interest in the work developed and, at the same time, pointed out solid improvements in methodology.

This presentation was a clear demonstration that climate change has a good ability to bring together citizens.

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