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Fifth meeting of the Monitoring and Management Committee in Lleida

Muga, Ter and Segre

On the 14th of December the fifth and last annual meeting of the Project Monitoring and Management Committee was held in the Territorial Delegation of the Government of the Generalitat in Lleida. This meeting brought together about twenty participants.

During this meeting the OCCC, the CREAF, the IRTA and the IPE-CSIC, briefly presented the results achieved and a round of questions was opened to resolve specific doubts about the contents presented. It was also presented the recent work prepared by Jordi Puig from l'Espigall on "Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector of Alt Pirineu and Aran: risks and opportunities". In the final part of the session, a first contrast was made in the plenary debate of the "Recommendations to generate changes in the development and application of policies", prepared by the LIFE technical coordinating team.

To facilitate the work, with the call of the meeting, the participants in the meeting received an executive summary of Jordi Puig's work and the draft proposal for recommendations.

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