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Hydraulic modelling of the coastal drainage system of the left margin of the Baix Ter


Both the LIFE PLETERA and LIFE MEDACC projects coincide in the interest of analyzing and adapting solutions to the problems derived from climate change with the coastal floods affecting the area of ​​the left margin of Baix Ter. In this sense, the utilization of predictive models to evaluate flooding risk owes a mechanism of management to support decision making.

Within this framework,  we present now the hydraulic modelling of the coastal drainage system of the left margin of the Baix Ter, elaborated by the company GeoServei S.L.

The objectives of the LIFE PLETERA project include to increase the knowledge about:

  1. Effect on flooding caused by the desurbanization of the Pletera.
  2. Effects, and need, of a protection hillock between the Pletera and the Ter river .
  3. Effect, and need, of protection measures on the beach to avoid seawater flooding.

The objectives of the LIFE MEDACC project are:

  1. To assess the effect on the studied area in the context of the LIFE MEDACC project when a known episode of Levante with permanent higher sea level occurs.
  2. To provide guidelines for the adaptation to climate change in the Ter basin that can be transferred to other sites with similar physical conditions.
  3. To guide on which areas may be eligible to reduce flood episodes in an extreme situation.
  4. To assess the effectiveness of the implementation of adaptation measures in relation to the evolution of the flow of water overflow Rec Ter Vell.

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