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Participation in the conference "Agriculture and Climate Change. Causes and effects” in IRTA headquarters


On 13th December, a technical seminar on the agriculture-climate change relationships, causes and effects, was held at the IRTA headquarters (Torre Marimon, Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona). The seminar was organized by IRTA, the Catalan Agriculture Department, in collaboration with the Catalan Office for Climate Change, CREAF and Life+ MEDACC.

Agriculture adaptation to climate change and agriculture contributions in climate change mitigation will play a crucial role to make this sector sustainable throughout the century. This conference presented the relationships between cause and effect, how these relationships have been studied and the strategies needed to undertake this challenge in our country. After the event presentation, there were four presentations: effects of agriculture on climate change; effects of climate change on agriculture; Catalan adaptation strategy to climate change and the Life+ MEDACC project, as a tool to help understand and solve this challenge.

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