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Technical visit to the Ter watershed


For two days, the project partners have travelled to the Ter watershed to carry out a technical visit with two objectives: (1) to meet with sectoral stakeholders in order to verify the diagnosis and incorporate their knowledge and expertise to the main actions and activities of the project, and (2) to discover the whole watershed. In this first trip, partners visited the following places and met with the following stakeholders:

  1. Visit to Ter headwaters.
  2. Meeting with Jordi Faus, technician of the Consorci per a la Protecció i la gestió dels espais d’interès natural del Ripollès.
  3. Meeting with Eudald Rifà, Jesús Soler and Sergi Solà, representatives of Grup de Defensa del Ter.
  4. Meeting with Marc Ordeix, Centre Estudis Rius Mediterranis.
  5. Visit to Sau and Susqueda reservoirs.
  6. Meeting with Ponç Feliu  and Teia Puigvert, Consorci Alba-Ter.
  7. Visit to lower part of the river basin, from Setmenat and Molí de Pals irrigation canals to river mouth.

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