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Vegetation monitoring in continental parks using ecohydrological modelling: recente evolution and future trends

ECOHIPRO01.Jan.2015 to 31.Dec.2017

This  project  will  develop  a  tool  for vegetation  monitoring  by  means of  an  ecohydrological  model,  calibrated  by means  of  hydrological  data.  The  model will  be  run  for  the  last  decades  by means  of  meteorological  data,  which  allow  to determine  in  real  time  the  vegetation  status  and  to  establish  risk  alerts.  The  tool  will  be  calibrated  and implemented  in different continental national protected areas of Spain,  located in  the  Iberian  Peninsula.

The networking activities between LIFE MEDACC and ECOHIPRO projects results to enrich the knowledge and expertise adquired in the use of the ecohydrological model in different areas around the world. 

Sergio M. Vicente Serrano