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Life Shara project highlights the measures of adaptation of the Life Medacc project in a video of real experiences

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The Life Shara project of the Ministry of the Environment, Fisheries, Food and Environment aims to improve knowledge about adaptation to climate change, train and raise awareness about it, improve communication on the subject and facilitate cooperation and coordination between stakeholders.

The actions and measures of adaptation of the Life Medacc project have been chosen as interesting initiatives in terms of adaptation to climate change and highlighted by the Life Shara project to disseminate real experiences in the territory.

Life Shara has presented the initiative and actions for adapting to climate change of the Life Medacc project in three formats (video interview-report, written report and information board).

Link to video interview-report:

Link to the written report:

Link to the information board:

Link to other adaptation initiatives in Life Shara web: