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Local adaptation to climate change. How nature can help? (2nd Technical Conference Montesquiu)

GeneralForests, Others, Water control

With a more evident increasingly changes in climate, it is necessary to exceed the current political of mitigación of the climatic change to deal with adaptation, working the resiliencia of the municipalities in front of the new changes, its capacity of adaptation and the way how manage the risks associated to the global change.

A lot of municipalities has already worked the mitigación of the climatic change, especially through the impulse of the Plans of Action for the Sustainable Energy (PAES) that includes the reduction of emissions, the increase of the energetic efficiency or the impulse of renewable energies. But at present, it is necessary to focus on planning and actions towards the municipal adaptation.The natural ecosystems contribute to reduce the vulnerability to climatic change and its management can favour the increase of the adaptative capacity of the territory in front of the derivative risks of the climatic change, helping to improve the quality of life of the urban and rural population. This Conference pretends to deepen in this potential of the natural ecosystems and offer tools for the adaptation to the climatic change from its management.

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