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Action plan of the Gavarres Massif

Ter -

According to the results obtained in the framework of Life MEDACC, and according to the monitoring and evaluation of the ESCACC, afforestation of the territory due to the abandonment of agroforestry and livestock management adds more pressure to the impacts of climate change in our country. This greater afforestation, in a context of increased temperature, and therefore evapotranspiration- and reduction of precipitation in the head (as reflected in the Third Report on Climate Change in Catalonia), contributes to the reduction of flows in our rivers and, consequently, the lower availability of water. This reduction in flows has been verified in the three MEDACC basins: Muga, Segre and Ter.

The Catalan Office of Climate Change and the Gavarres Consortium shared the common elements of this general diagnosis with that of the Gavarres massif. With the objective of exploring ways of financing to make forest management profitable, a workshop of transformation scenarios preceded by a long quarantine of interviews with a multitude of different actors was organized.

We have been able to gather businessmen, forest owners, management, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, winemakers, scientists, mayors, firefighters, etc., with their different perspectives, ideas and dogmas, and finish the two-day workshop with a specific Strategy for the Gavarres in the 2025 horizon, which are attached below.

In the link you will be able to see a video summary of the workshop on the Gavarres that, together with the Gavarres Consortium and the company Coperfield, was realized with a twenty-fifth long people during days 15 and 16 March at the Museu del Suro de Palafrugell.

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