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Constitution of the Water Community Users of the coastal plain of the Muga


On Tuesday November 17 the Constitutive General Meeting of the Community Water Users of the coastal plain of the Muga was celebrated in the Gothic Room of the City of Castelló d'Empúries, with the presence of nearly fifty people. The main objective of the meeting was the appointment of the Commission for the drafting of the statutes of the Community that will have to be put to the vote at a meeting of all water users in the Plain. The Commission, chaired by the mayoress of Castelló d'Empúries, will consist of a total of 15 persons: three representatives of municipal users, 10 agricultural users, one environmental user and one in tourism sector. The coastal plain of the Muga includes water users of the municipalities of Castelló, Fortià and Riumors.

Life MEDACC has actively collaborated in the previous meetings, and also in the constitution of the Community. The measures to adapt to the impacts of climate change on water management in the basin of the Muga can only become effective and efficient if they are discussed and agreed with all water users and stakeholders.

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