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Contribute to the adaptation of the Catalan Cross-Border Area (ECT) to the expected effects of climate change

ECTAdapt project - Interreg POCTEFA 01.May.2016 to 30.Apr.2019

ECTAdapt objective is to develop a common policy on adaptation to climate change in the Catalan Cross-Border Area (ECT). This project has the objective to raise awareness to diferent audience targets (population, economic actors, vulnerable groups, administrations, youth, ...) to the challenges of adapting the cross-border territory to the expected climate change and encourage them to participate in the action impact. The Département des Pyrénées-Orientales, the Girona Provincial Council and the CILMA, based on the work already done and complementing existing initiatives supraterritorial cooperate in three areas:

  • Conduct an inventory and data exchange about ECT vulnerability to the projected impacts of climate change, and promote their dissemination to sensitize public goals, help them understanding and internalization of the problems of adaptation.
  • Raise awareness, educate and involve stakeholders in the ECT in the issue of adaptation to climate change to engage them and promote the realization of actions: the creation of networks of cross-border actors, assessment of best practices, developing tools and awareness training.
  • Develop a strategy of cross-border support to encourage and support ECT administrations to develop local action plans for adaptation and promote European initiative "Mayors Adapt"

The collaboration between Life MEDACC and POCTEFA ECTAdapt projects have resulted in CREAF participation as a member of the ECTAdapt project Technical Monitoring Committee. This committee is composed of experts, institutions and competent authorities in adaptation to climate change and has the following objectives 1) to ensure the quality of the work done on the project, 2) to provide technical and specific advice on adaptation to climate change and 3) to give technical and political experience involved in their implementation.

Anna Pibernat Reixach (CLIMA technician for ECTAdapt project)