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The book Implementing Climate Change Adaptation in Cities and Communities publishes a paper about Global indicator of climate change adaptation in Catalonia prepared by the Catalan Office for Climate Change

GeneralAgriculture, Forests, Others, Water control

The book, published by the Springer editorial, analyzes how adaptation to climate change impacts is developed at different territorial levels and illustrates successful initiatives and projects in the world.

The drafting of the global indicator of adaptation began in 2012 with the selection of 83 potential indicators evaluators of the goodness of adaptation measures.

The work methodology was established in collaboration with the Catalan Institute for Public Policy Evaluation, and within the framework of the project Life 12 ENV/ES/000536 Adapting the Mediterranean Climate Change (LIFE MEDACC), a European project which the Office is the coordinator partner and, between measures, also provides for the establishment of indicators of adaptation measures.

Despite the lack of specific references on indicators of measures of adaptation to the impacts of climate change, the Office obtained a first document that is able to evaluate and quantify the degree of adaptation of Catalonia. The result is a final list of 29 indicators distributed between 10 socio-economic sectors and natural systems that, with the implementation of component analysis principales- generate a synthetic indicator of adaptation which shows an average level in terms of adaptive capacity to the impacts of climate change: a fair approved.

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