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Deliverable 5: Describing the location and access to demonstrative activities and Implementation of on-site demonstrative activities

GeneralAgriculture, Forests

MEDACC project (LIFE12 ENV/ES/000536 Demonstration and validation of innovative methodology for regional climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean area) is a 5-year multi-actor project which started in the summer of 2013.

MEDACC aims at testing innovative solutions in order to adapt agro-forest and urban systems to climate change in the Mediterranean basin. Thus, MEDACC contributes to the design and implementation of adaptive strategies and policies which are being developed at national and regional level in the Euro-Mediterranean area. In Catalonia, MEDACC will be a key tool in the implementation of the Catalan Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation (ESCACC 2013-2020).

In order to achieve these objectives, MEDACC has started pilot actions in the Muga, Ter and Segre watersheds, according the experimental/demonstrative scheduling.

These actions can permit to test adaptation measures in the agriculture, forestry and water management sectors. All these measures have been designed and deployed together with local stakeholders.