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This  project  will  develop  a  tool  for vegetation  monitoring  by  means of  an  ecohydrological  model,  calibrated  by means  of  hydrological  data.  The  model will  be  run  for  the  last  decades  by means  of  meteorological  data,  which  allow  to determine  in  real  time  the  vegetation  status  and  to  establish  risk  alerts.  The  tool  will  be  calibrated  and implemented  in different continental national protected areas of Spain,  located in  the  Iberian  Peninsula.


The project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of a VINEYARDS VIRTUOUS CIRCLE (VVC) as a local strategy to mitigate climate change contributing to meet the goals to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG); in line with the European Union’s energy-climate package also known as 3*20 and, specifically, boosting the increase of renewable energy production to contribute up to 20% of EU’s energy needs.

FP7 -SiS - BeWater

The FP7 BeWater project promotes dialogue and collaboration between science and society for sustainable water management and adaptation to the impacts of global change in the Mediterranean. BeWater uses an iterative process of mutual learning, participatory techniques and a bottom-up approach to ensure that stakeholders play an active role in determining appropriate strategies for management of river basins. In four Case Study River Basins across the Mediterranean, newly developed methodologies integrating physical, ecological, social and management processes are used to develop Water Manag


Life Pletera project has the objective to desurbanize and restore the ecological functionality of the coastal systems of Pletera, Estartit, in the basin of the Ter. This project involves removing partially urbanized areas to recover the previous natural space. The project is coordinated by the Torroella Municipality.


The Life+ DEMORGEST project aims to reduce the vulnerability of the forests of Catalonia to large forest fires (GIFs), facilitating the adoption of new models of multifuncional forest management (ORGEST models) that include the production of various goods and services to promote the prevention of GIFs; and which raise awareness in the general public of the role of forest management in firefighting and the conservation of agricultural landscapes. The project is coordinated by the Forest Ownership Centre (Centre de la Propietat Forestal, CPF) and the pilot areas are located in Catalonia.